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I need to hit $1500 to purchase the software I need to really bring DAM3D up to the high quality Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Surreal/Earthly/Engineering/Others art and modeling I have done in the past. Anyone who donates $20 or more for this cause will become free lifetime members to the Lifetime Members Only area of DAM3D.COM, and receive a Hand-signed thank you card sporting your favorite image. Various subscription options will be available once I get enough for the upgraded software and finish my new website, DAM3D.COM , all patrons of $20 or more will be made Full Lifetime Members and have full access to all of my art and NEW art that will be posted through each year going forward. Most likely 1 or 2 new images will be available each month, maybe more if this takes off the way I would like it to. :) Thanks for visiting!


Here are some examples of my work in the past.... I plan on making all new creations and make them available in all resolutions and formats so you can use my images as wallpaper for your computer or tablet or phone. Other products with my art featured as well through Society6.


If you would like to see any of the images below in full-size, simply right click on the image and select open image in new tab or save/download image.

Breathtaker Pirate Captain's Desk
Eagle View Paradise
Secret Place Ta-Killya!